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Rail Weighbridges

Rail Weighbridges

Rail weighbridges are purpose built to weigh rail locomotives and rail wagons. The rail weighers are designed and built to accept the appropriate railĀ gauge. All rail weighbridges are designed by experienced civil and mechanical engineers.

A custom-built software package can be used to aid filling rail wagons, or for calculating shims in rail locomotive suspensioning.

Accuweigh can also supply the complete range of weighbridge hardware and weighbridge software solutions for any site. Hardware option includes boom gates, electronic identification systems, traffic control lights, driver control stations, personal computers, printers, radio modems, remote displays, and more.

Rail Weighbridge Description

Rail weighbridges (or rail weighers) are a similar engineering design to our road weighbridges but take into account the loading and configuration specifications of rail wagons and locmotives. Engineering reports can be supplied with all our designs. QWM has completed a number rail weighbridge installations.

A custom software package can be used to enhance the performance of the rail weighbridge. Individual wagons can be loaded with product to a target weight and the weights can then be recorded.

Rail Wagon Scales